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#LAFruits Zechariah 10 by Kash (WhatsApp Family)

Of recent I have been doing my readings at the end of the day so I can digest it better with the occasional reading at the start of the day. Well today after my devotion I decided to read today’s reading before heading out, and then took the day to process and digest it. Zechariah 10 had a couple of verses that hit me, and I hit them with a highlighter so as to commit to memory. Vs 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and vs 12. Funny how the verses came in double… que the song everything na double double. So as usual Israel had gone through a period of falling from grace, but God was remembering them yet again. However I am not focused on the falling away and the remembrance per say.

I am focusing on a couple of other details

1) a lack of leadership: where are the shepherds, who are the shepherds? It seems amazing to me that we keep getting compared to sheep. An animal moved by the silliest of notions. That is what we are though, the wind blows here, we go, the wind blows there we go, hence the need for continued guidance. But where were they at this critical time? MIA! The shepherds can fail, they are human!
2) allow me to coin a new term or maybe borrow it, if it’s already in existence :-), God-sufficiency! The state of being able because the one who is able is in control. Vs 4 flows from 3. Suddenly the lost sheep were producing every thing needed, the cornerstone, the pegs, the battle bows, the ruler! What once needed to be acquired from without was found within. He makes all things new!
3) the theme of redemption, the cord that binds every situation in our lives. God sees the falling away, the consequences, and when we are at the bleakest point, he rises to the occasion. Like the sun breaks over darkened skies, bring a new day
4) have you heard God’s whistle! He’s calling you home, don’t neglect it. Allow my African roots to show as I translate direct from a Yoruba adage: the dog that will get lost doesn’t hear the hunters whistle. Don’t get lost, you’re being called home
5) take over completely – no room left! There will be an increase in your life when you come home to the whistle such that there will be no more room
6) strength and ownership of way! I can imagine how a prince/princess walks the land ruled by their father, with strength and in his name. The homage paid to these ones is due to the power backing their name.

The king is the final authority, unquestionable in his decrees ( kabiyesi: Yoruba title for king, broken down and translated ka bi o osi – we can not question you). Now do you see why as a child of the most high you can walk up and down in his name.

Go back to vs 2, left it for last: everything outside of God is a delusion, a lie and a false dream!

Don’t get ripped off by a counterfeit, you hold the Original

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