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#LAFruits snack (Rev. 12) by @yinkaakinwale

Greetings everyone.

Today’s text is Revelation 12.

So, these days, as I read the book of Revelation, it never escapes me just how much 21st century cinema has impacted my visual and imaginative faculties. Reading chapter 12 today, I could literally picture John’s descriptive imagery of a dragon, and a great eagle and a serpent! Thanks, Jurassic world! Lol.

Okay, I really just want to draw our attention to something that struck me as I read:-
The battle of our faith is a RELENTLESS one. But it is one that we will ALWAYS WIN.

Verse 11 remains many people’s favorite in the book of Revelation, because it encourages us as believers to HOLD ONTO OUR TESTIMONY.

But I also want us to look at the last verse of that chapter:- despite God’s intervention, it says the dragon continued to “make war” with those who “hold on to the testimonies of Jesus”.

I want to encourage us today, to not be daunted by the issues of our day esp as it concerns us Christians. From Boko Haram, to Isis, to Iran’s nuclear deal, to this new world order and sexual liberalism that society has bought into… Let’s realize that these trends have been fore-ordained. As we seek to balance our response as Christians, with the reality of the humanitarian consequences, let us remember that WE HAVE OVERCOME.
And how did we overcome (and still do)?

We did it when Christ died for us on the cross and shed His precious blood as legal proof of our victory. (Hebrews 9:12).

Victory over sin, over oppression, over death. Praise God!
1) Let us continue appropriating these finished works of grace in every area of our lives

and 2) as writers, let us continue to boldly declare these finished works of Christ.
The world longs for it (Romans 8:19), and that is our testimony!

Finally, the battle for our faith will endure for as long as this earth endures. The only reason we have hope is because Christ Himself has won this battle. Let’s go ahead and tell the world that!