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#LACorinthians Devotional Day 11 by Debbie Dyk (@dnddyon)

The Communion of Saints


‘Therefore, whoever eats or drinks from the Lord’s cup in an  improper way will be held responsible for the Lord’s body and blood.’ (GWT)

It was out of love that Jesus Christ commanded and permitted his disciples to eat of his ‘flesh’ and ‘blood’. But when the Corinthian Christians repeated the ‘supper’ many years later, they defiled and dishonoured the whole essence of the feast – while some were getting nothing at all, others were eating their brothers’ share and getting drunk.

So Paul asks (and I paraphrase), ‘Are you recognising the Lord’s body at all, or are you taking up judgement upon yourselves by deriding your brothers / sisters? If you are hungry, why not eat at home, why get drunk and act like gluttons, dishonouring the feast of the lord and bringing weakness, sickness and death as judgement upon yourselves?’

We might be taking communions in our churches as holy as possible, but how are we treating ourselves as the church of Christ?

Do we realise that we are His body, His flesh and blood?

Are we blessing His heart by building up each other as much as we can, or are we hurting Him by tearing each other apart?

Prayer Focus
Thank you dear lord for counting us worthy to be your flesh and your blood, your bride, your blessed church. Help us to glorify you by treating each other in love as you treat us daily. Amen.

Written by Debbie Dyk of @thelafamily