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#LAActs Day 26 – What I learned today… by @Topsyken


‎Good evening family.

Trust your day has been great?

There are some points to glean from today’s reading of Acts 26.

‎1. It is possible for someone to be consumed by the wrong passion and think he/she is actually working for God. This can be seen in the life of Paul when he was Saul. ‎These consumptions can be based on religious beliefs or the doctrines of men, which seems noble against all odds.

‎2. At the appointed time, God will always reach out to anyone He wants. For everyone, there is a time and season and God will always move in at that time like He did with Saul turned Paul. It is worthy of note here that the same fervour with which Saul persecuted the church is the same he used to work for the Lord.

‎There is no trace or gift in any man that is a waste. It’s just the channel of expression that matters. And above all, because Saul encountered the Lord no one could convince him differently.

He can also say from experience like Apostle Peter that this gospel that we have handled……..

Thoughts to ponder:
Have you encountered the Lord to the intent that you can stand boldly for Him?
Have you handled, tested and tasted this gospel to be able to minister to your world?
From your words and stance, can the world know where you stand and belong?
Even in the face of death, Paul stood believing in Him who called Him. Can you stand thus?

God bless us all as we strive to be like him more and more.

Grace & Peace.
Tope Aigba @Topsyken

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