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#LA2Kings Devotional Day 13 by Olushola Oludayo (@sholape1)



The Shunamite woman’s story is filled with amazing life lessons. She was thoughtful, hospitable and really kind (2 Kings 4:8-10). She was rich yet lived a simple life of giving. Unfortunately, she had no child to bequeath her possessions but she didn’t let this stop her from giving out and meeting the needs of others.
She could have been bitter, hostile to those around her however she lived each day cheerful inspite of her barrenness.  Her hospitality eventually paid off, Elisha prayed for her and she became pregnant!

Sadly the child died in infancy! Now here’s where it gets interesting: she didn’t mourn, she didn’t despair, she went back to Elisha. Not Gehazi the representative but to the source! This woman didn’t wear her sadness on her face – instead chanted ‘it is well.’

How many times have we lost that thing we have waited our lives to obtain? Early dismissal after 5 yrs of unemployment. Divorced after believing for a spouse for a long time?  When these things happen to us, what do we do? Who do we run to for help?
Of course society expects that we become emotional and worried. However, today’s reading encourages us to be contrary. No matter what we are going through, we are encouraged to go through life cheerfully, rather than wear our pain and make our loss pronounced. We should go back to our source – God. It seems crazy but we cannot be anything else!

Remember that this woman didn’t tell her problem to Gehazi – the representative, she told it only to Elisha – the one who knew how the boy came to be. Our problems should be taken to God. He alone has the blueprint to our lives. He alone knows what went wrong and what needs to be done. He alone can deal with our pain and help us out of our misery.

So, today make it a habit that whenever you’re asked ‘Is something wrong’ Are you all right? Your husband? Your child?’ answer ‘Everything’s fine’

Prayer Focus
Faithful Father, I ask that You take hold of my emotions. Help me to trust You with my grief and heal my pains as I lay them at Your feet in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

Written by Olushola Oludayo of @theLAfamily