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#LA1Kings Devotional Day 9 by Adaobi Nwosu

Sow A Seed


The food made by the widow for Elijah can be described as a seed because of its sacrificial nature and the instruction of God attached to it. When we present our seed (money, time, talent, resources) for God’s purpose, He enables us to experience divine supply. Obeying God’s word to sow will cause us to testify like the widow of Zarephath: our bank accounts and storehouses will not be spent or empty.

No one can say that he has no seed because God has given us seed and bread (2 Corinthians 9:10). The problem lies in seeing all we have as bread and neglecting to sow. And the consequence of not sowing is experiencing lack at harvest time because we neglected seed time. Sometimes we are reluctant to sow because we feel we will not have enough for our use after giving and this was the widow’s first response to Elijah. Let us have faith that God will supply our needs when we give.

God raised Jesus from the dead after three days. He caused five loaves and two fishes to feed a multitude and a lot of food remained as leftovers. God is able and willing to raise up and multiply what we lay at the altar. Our father in faith Abraham did not hesitate to offer Isaac at God’s request. Abraham was surely blessed and his offspring multiplied.

One type of seed we must be faithful in giving is a tithe of our income. In addition to giving for the gospel, we should give to people around us who are in need. Let us sow as we are prompted by the Holy Spirit and we’ll receive a supernatural supply in every area of our life.

Thank you Father for every earthly and spiritual blessing you have given me. I pray for grace to respond promptly to your leading to sow. I call forth a harvest from the seeds I have sown. I declare my bank accounts will not be empty in Jesus name, Amen.