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#LA1Kings Devotional Day 7 by Liz Ekakoro

Follow what God tells you


Have you ever found yourself in a situation and wished you’d not listened to anyone else but God?

The spirit of God is always there to lead and direct us; it teaches us to be careful who we listen to, but we choose whether or not to obey.

In 1 Kings 13:8, the man of God heeded to the word he heard from the Lord. He was not to eat anything, nor go back the same way. So what happened on his way back? Exactly what happens to us. He disobeyed. He chose to listen to the ‘prophet’, without even getting a confirmation from God.

His lesson teaches us to be careful how we share what God has said to us, which someone could use to entrap us. The sons of the old prophet overheard his words to the King. It happens to us, we broadcast every revelation we get even to parties that have nothing to do with it, be careful. The devil uses that slightest chance, to nail us down.

So whose words are we living up to? Is it God’s or our prophets?  I am not suggesting that you should not listen to what your pastor asks of you, but, if it is contrary to the word of God, if it is contrary to what God has spoken to you, please don’t.

The Lord who sent a word to you will not fail to send you a confirmation, if you are careful enough to ask.
Don’t be misled. Be spirit led. Just because someone says ‘God said to me’ doesn’t mean that God did. 

Pray, listen to God, let Him have the final say.

Prayer focus
Father I thank you for the gift of the Holy spirit. Thank you for your word that guides and leads me in my ways. I pray that I will learn to listen and heed  your voice. May I follow your word and keep your commandments, in Jesus name, AMEN.