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#LA1Kings Devotional Day 6 by Olushola Oludayo (@sholape1)



Solomon was one of the greatest men that walked the face of the earth. He was wealthy, wise, fair to look upon and so much more. His beginning was so impressive that one could say he would oust David from the position of being a man after God’s heart. Kings came to his rising – he was a celebrity!

Sadly, he lost it. He allowed his heart to waiver, he fell in love with the wrong set of people, he veered off the path of his fathers – he disobeyed God!

How many times have we also gone our own way? When we break up with our first love and give our hearts over to some new lovers? When we disobey, albeit gradually, and in seemingly little matters?

The ancient path oftentimes is dull, uninspiring and monotonous. No room for adventures, one cannot spice things up a little. However, that is where we are expected to walk in. It is in this path that we can fulfil God’s will for our lives. We fulfil purpose when we obey.

Like Solomon, has our love for the Master gone cold?
Have we given our hearts to strange lovers?
Have we veered off the path set for us?

We can make a choice today to either return to the ancient path and have our kingdom firmly in place or stay with foreign gods and have the kingdom torn from us.

Prayer Focus
Faithful Father, I ask that You keep my feet firm on the path that You’ve set for me, that Your will can be perfected in me as I fulfil purpose in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

By Olushola Oludayo of @theLAfamily