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#LA1Kings Devotional Day 4


Yesterday I met a man who received a mission from God 30 years ago to build an arts school for inner city children. 5 years after the revelation, he hadn’t acted. He felt he didn’t possess the right skills until one day, whilst in prayer, God said to him that he had others ready to take his place if he did not move. This spurred him to action and 25 years later that step built one of America’s leading arts education centres.

What struck me most of his tale was understanding that God plants seeds of purpose into each of us and is at our disposal to help us make it happen. It is irrelevant whether we possess the immediate knowledge to begin or not when you have access to the source of knowledge that surpasses human comprehension. Solomon understood this and sought a craftsman who not only excelled in craftsmanship but possessed wisdom and understanding.

We all possess a purpose to bring God’s will into being on earth. However not all of us need to be the lead visionary – David received the vision, Solomon was the enabler and Hiram the creator; each of them a servant to the Lord’s Divine plan.

Whether you have the trait of a visionary, enabler or creator, it is your wisdom and understanding that is set in the will of God, which will determine your success of a purpose-filled life.

Prayer focus:
Lord, I know that I help me to identify my skills of servitude and grant me the wisdom and understanding to connect with purpose-filled believers to advance your kingdom, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

By Orode Faka of @theLAfamily