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#la187: Day 97: IF God is not with you, the devil is.


Day 97 yayy! If ever you are reading this, know that #la187 family loves you and wants you to know that you are very privileged to be part of a fresh and flourishing family.

I know you know, but just reminding you because the vision is getting bigger. Boys and guys are on fire.

Ok, that said. Today, we read Psalm 97, 2 Chron 18-21;

WIlliams, @ete_ubom, tweeted to the end that, “If God is not with you, the devil is.”

A lot of us wondered what the lying spirit was doing with God. We must understand that everything happens under God’s permission. When you are not with God, obviously the devil will ask permission to destroy you. If God agrees, you are on your own. Dangerous place to be, man, dangerous!

Finally, joining alliances with evil men, even for purposes of doing business, God seriously frowns upon.

Dear, #la187 member, please be wise!

Finally, let us lead lives that are worth remembering…do something!

Our memory verse for the day was Psalm 97:10,

“Ye that love the Lord, hate evil!
The Lord preserves the souls of the saints
He delivers them from the hands of the wicked.

Remember, if God is not with you, the devil is. Stay close to the Word of God. “And the word was God.”