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#la187: Day 88: An Army of God. [From Our Whatsapp Family]


Welcome to our #la187 podcast for Day 88.
We thank God for how far he has brought us, and we welcome our new family members who have recently joined us. We want to say, “Feel at home and make the best use of the program!”
I am again, Ese Walter, your host.
I know you are ALIVE – That is, Always Living In view of Eternity.
Today, we read Psalm 88 and 1 Chronicles chapters 11 through 14.
I was personally blessed and will share some of the things we learnt as a family. As you listen, be blessed in Jesus name!
How did Ibukun summarize psalm 88?
She summarized it thus: ” God, haven’t I suffered enough? When will You come to my aid? I need You!
Ibukun noticed that David always poured out his emotions to God. He never held anything back.
We too must not hold back our emotions, we must tell them to God in prayer, as God can handle our emotions.

Olu Seun realized the importance of people in our lives.” WE NEED PEOPLE!” she says.
David was very successful because of the people God sent to help him.
She further cautioned that, As Christians, we should not be wary of meeting new people, rather we should ask God to place the right people along your path, as “The steps of a good man are ordered by God.”
He can bring these friends, helpers or supporters anyhow He likes via the Church, our Work place, School, Mutual Friends, Facebook, Twitter, and even #LA187!
Amen to that!

Dr Ola shared that David did not rely on his skill or the skill of his battle ready men, but always inquired of the Lord before proceeding to the battle front.
Little wonder he didn’t lose any battle, as He knew that ‘the horse is prepared for the day of battle, but safety is of the LORD! Proverbs 21:31.

From the Chronicles, I could see that
One, we are weakest when we are without God.
Two, David’s men came willingly to him. They were not coerced. Leaders must always seek to find willing people to work with them.
Three, we must owe no man nothing but love. We must not fear any man, but must maintain a life of integrity. David welcomed all those who purported to help him and always prayed the prayer which you find in 1 Chronicles 12:17
Four, Men came daily to help David, until he became a mighty army. I pray that men will come daily to help you with that idea of yours in Jesus name.
Five, We saw how Uzzah died because he touched the ark of God. La187 family, I must remind us that, “the more we know, the more responsible we should be as stewards of faith.” Let us watch our lives so we do not make God angry with us.
Phew! I pray God helps us retain these lessons.
#la187 is gradually becoming an army of God. But, are you in this army of God?
For me, and my #la187 family, we are in the Lord’s army. Yessir!

That is it for today on #la187
Don’t forget keep Learning, Keep sharing, and most importantly, Keep Applying!
For more, visit our blog – Again, la187 dot ike dash amadi dot com.
Stay Fresh! – which means to stay Favoured, Reyedeemed, Elevated and Spiritually Healthy!

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