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#LA187: DAY 183 – Checklist For Friendship


Hello Refreshing #LA187 Family! It’s Day 183. This is our week of completion. Hallelujah! Don’t faint now. You will make it!

Quiz time πŸ™‚

Please complete the following: Open rebuke is better than ____________________.

Hint: Proverbs 27

Today, we read Proverbs 27 and Haggai 1 – Zechariah 2.

Proverbs 27 provides us with a checklist for friendship… As shared by VerUnique:

  • Can we honestly correct each other? – Verses 5-6
  • Do we bring sweetness to each other? – Verse 9
  • Do we only remember our friends when we need their help? – Verse 10
  • Are we wise enough to understand the times and seasons of our friends? – Verse 14
  • Do we encourage each other to good works? – Verse 17

Eloxie Fresh shared on Haggai 2 by likening it to our lives. Sometimes we come to a slow place and when compared to where we have been, it feels like we aren’t making progress. It feels like our best days are behind. Even our best effort today doesn’t seem to match. Pause! Is God with us? Are we in a covenant with Him? Is His Spirit with us? God promises in verses 8 and 9 that the silver and gold (all that is required) are His and that the glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former and in this place He will give peace. Walking with God guarantees us of a better tomorrow. It’s no wonder God requires us to always have hope and not cast off our confidence for a living dog is better than a dead lion. Every additional day God gives us is His opportunity to deliver on His covenant with us and we should see our lives like that. Shining brighter unto the perfect day, Yes!!! There was a former house but this latter house shall be better. God has said it, we believe it, that settles it.

Our memory verse for today was from Proverbs 27:17

As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.


DAY 183