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#LA187: DAY 179 – Don’t Sugar Coat The Truth


Hello Wonderful #LA187 Family of Eternal Life! It’s Day 179.

Quiz time 🙂

Who has woe? Who has sorrow? Who has contentions? Who has complaints?

Hint: Proverbs 23

Today, we read Proverbs 23 and Micah 1-4.

On Proverbs 23:1-4, the cook for the day, Femi shared that if money, wealth, fame, ungodly ambitions are on the most important things in our lives, we are advised to reconsider. We have missed it when we over-emphasize the importance of money.

On Micah 1, Dami our fresh family poet, shared on Micah 1:2 from different perspectives:

Micah 1:2 – Hear, all you peoples!
Listen, O earth, and all that is in it!
Let the Lord God be a witness against you,
The Lord from His holy temple.

1.      Out of Context

God’s righteous standards are impossible to attain. No man CAN EVER get them. Only God can empower you to be as He is. This is why Jesus prays the prayer : BE PERFECT. Remember that whatever Jesus (the Word) says becomes LAW (Binding, Lasting Principle)

Bearing this in mind and understanding the fact that Micah was under the Old Covenant of lamb blood and works, we will realize the awful condition that the people found themselves. Irrespective of what they did, God will irrevocably bound by His Law to executive judgment whenever they erred and they erred a lot.

In the court of Law, God became a witness against them. His righteous standards always testifying against their iniquities and many times even against their righteousness which as Isaiah put is “was just a filthy rag”. Do you want to remain under such a burden? Where you are constantly watching over your shoulder lest God should change his mind and smite you with disease?

How does this verse reveal Christ? How can we see Jesus unveiled? Look at the Cross for Help.

Micah is asking the people to listen, he calling them to hear and then telling them that God is a witness to today, God is seeing them gather to hear his(Micah) message to them. So that they will be without excuse.

Is God still [against] us? We have an advocate in heaven… We have a high priest… As Christ is so are we in this world… Christ is the Express Image of God the Father… And Jesus said if you have seen me you have seen the father…
So is God still against you?

When the message comes to you, God is disposed favorably to you by reason of His blood. Under the law there was a veil that separated men from God but it has been torn. The invite is out there, urging us to come and fellowship. But we have alienated ourselves in our minds. We have built up barricades in our imagination. Do not think for a second that you can fight God.

Can you see Christ in this verse?  He came to plead our case. We had an image of God that was distorted by sin and fear; we tried to approach him based on our works. We try every day to twist his arm. But Christ says DONE DONE DONE… It is finished. So what do you think God’s testimony concerning will be today?

He sees your weakness and says My Blood has provided strength.
He sees your lack and declares My provision is sufficient.
He sees your sin and clothes you in Righteousness.

2.      Within Context

The plain reading of this verse is this – Hey guys I wanna talk to you come and listen and let it be on heaven’s record that I did.

God is listening to us. He is there watching us preach and teach. We must study to show ourselves approved unto God.

Micah is telling them – God is holy and these words are holy. Don’t ignore them, listen to them.

Ibukun shared on Micah 2 and 3:

Micah 2:6 – We as Christians should never be caught hiding or sugar coating the truth. God always has a reason for speaking so why should we keep the message to ourselves?

Micah 3 – It takes God’s grace to go into leadership and still please God. We should pray for our leaders and when we get into power, we should ask for grace to continue in God’s ways and we also need to be conscious of our priorities per time. Any time we notice God is no longer first, we need to get back on track. That way we are sure that petty things like money won’t lead us astray

Micah 4 – Others may walk in the name of their gods but we will walk in the name of the LORD our God, we will not follow the crowd.

Our memory verse for today was from Proverbs 23:12

Apply your heart to instruction, And your ears to words of knowledge.


DAY 179