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#LA187: DAY 169 – Daniel


Happy Sunday Dedicated #LA187 Family of God! It’s Day 169! #LA187 family has just entered Daniel. Join us today and discover what makes Daniel so relevant

Quiz time 🙂

What do the following words mean: MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN

Hint: Daniel 5

Today, we read Proverbs 13 and Daniel 4 – 7.

On Proverbs 13:22, @Ogetours shared “A good man leaves a good legacy for his generation unborn! What are you leaving behind? Don’t just live for the moment.”

We’re STILL excited about this fresh book of Daniel! The fresh and insightful tweets kept came overflowing from the Twitter #LA187 family members. We’ll share, as always! Eat and be filled!



Once you try to share God’s glory with Him, He strikes immediately – He does not hesitate – no waste of time – that kind thing! – @SignetSeal

“BE WARNED: when your heart is exalted & your spirit is arrogant, you’ve set yourself up for a big fall!” – @SignetSeal

“The book of Daniel shows God as the Mystery Revealer & Dream Interpreter. Doesn’t need a GPS to show up whenever, wherever, however!” – @Ogetours

“God is able to humble the proud. Stay proud, risk being humbled. Daniel 4”. – @IkeAmadi


“A word 4 yday, today & tmr’s men – it doesn’t matter who is in govt, if u are relevant, men will find, promote & honor u Dan5:10-13” – @SignetSeal

“What is your testimony? Does God’s wisdom shine through you? Are you consistent? Or are you stop and push? Can ppl refer you? Dan 5.” – @Eloxie

“”-There is a man…” #wisdom will make you exceptional. Go for wisdom. @Daniel 5.” – @IkeAmadi


“O Lord, let thr be an outpouring of ur spirit on d #La187 family in order that we’ll be extraordinary in all we do in our life time” – @SignetSeal

“I see Daniel’s habit. He had times of prayer. It was so habitual, even his colleagues and neighbors knew. It wasn’t hidden either.” – @Eloxie

“What spiritual habits do I maintain? Daniel prayed morning and night, the disciples had hours of prayer? What habits have I formed?” – @Eloxie

“Aha!!! Daniel was a radical but confident person but then again he knew the God he served.” – @Jiokemad

“The fact that u may be facing severe criticism & opposition & insults shld never ever make u waver in ur faith – this too will pass!” – @SignetSeal

“Fear not, in spite of what your detractors have plotted and planned, remember that there is a God that rules in the affairs of men.” – @Eloxie

“Only people who know that their God is bigger than every mountain would do what Daniel did.” – @Ete_Ubom

““May your God, whom you serve continually, rescue you!” He saw God through Daniel… May people see God through us.” – @Ete_Ubom

“May all those planning evil against you come to shame when God gets you out with no #Injury” – @_Ekaks

“Family, I see people Glorifying GOD on our behalf just like Darius!!” – @Ete_Ubom

“Daniel 6. Daniel. Darius. My actions will either cause men to honor or despise God.” – @IkeAmadi


Family, is Daniel 7:13-14 not talking about Jesus?? – @Ete_Ubom

“It sure is, He’s the One whose Kingdom has no end!” – @Ogetours

“Daniel 7:9 when the throne is set in place, the Ancient of Days will surely take His seat. Is your “home” comfortable enough for Him?” – @Ogetours

“Dan7:22 hear this; the Ancient of Days judgment was in favor of the saints of the Most High. Are you a saint? Then you are favored!” – @Ogetours

Our memory verse for today was from Proverbs 13:20

He who walks with wise men will be wise, But the companion of fools will be destroyed.

We are wise!


DAY 169