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#LA187: DAY 160 – We Are Responsible For Our Own Actions


Hello Awesome #LA187 Family of God! It’s Day 160! God is faithful. Take a minute to say “Thank you Jesus”. Don’t take each day you wake up for granted.

Quiz time 🙂

Will the Father bear the guilt of his son?

Hint: Ezekiel 18

Today, we read Proverbs 4 and Ezekiel 16-19.

On Proverbs 4, our very fresh Dr. Ola asked “How can one get wisdom?” We got a few answers:

  • ASK – The Bible says if anyone lacks wisdom, we should ask God who gives to all LIBERALLY – James 1:5.
  • READ THE WORD – Psalms 19:7, Psalms 119:99.
  • COMMUNE WITH GOD – Sitting at His feet and learning.

He shared on Ezekiel 16:49Look, this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom: She and her daughter had pride, fullness of food, and abundance of idleness; neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. – God does not condone laziness! Spirituality is no excuse for slothfulness. In fact, a lazy person cannot be spiritual.

From Ezekiel 17, @SignetSeal pointed out that God does not take kindly to covenant breakers, it could be a covenant made with men or God. Remember the Gibeonites story in 2 Samuel 21:1-9.

On Ezekiel 18, she tweeted “God has no pleasure in d death of the wicked or anyone’s death. #LA187 thus a new era begins – we are responsible 4 our own actions”

Ezekiel 19 depicts the prophet lamenting over the princes of Israel.

Our memory verse for today was from Proverbs 4:7

Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.


DAY 160