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#LA187: DAY 137 – You Are Inscribed On God’s Palms


Hello United family! It’s Day 137! 50 days to go, keep the zeal burning.

Quiz time 🙂

What does God say will happen to astrologers, stargazers and monthly prognosticators?

Hint: Isaiah 47.

Testimony time 🙂

Powerful testimony from one of our family members:

“I have come to see for myself that the word of God is alive! Daily reading of the word feels like I am being cleaned from the inside out. I feel as though the Word is washing everything in me that doesn’t line up with it (the Word). I like the picture of grace. Thanks for sharing.
The message of grace has been twisted that the light Christians think they possess has become darkness.
I literally used to make excuses for ‘my weaknesses’ but I realized that my job is not to try and make myself perfect but to surrender If I say God is my God and I serve Him, I ought to submit completely to Him. Like a servant and master relationship. He is Lord which translates Owner.
He owns me hence Him will not mine. It took me a while to align with this concept. #LA187 helped me stay on reading the word even on days I didn’t feel like.

Now, I hunger and thirst. Like, literally! When I’m alone, I’m thinking of some ridiculously amazing acts of God in Bible times. I remind myself that it’s same God.

But I have overcome. As in, I now KNOW I have overcome with my testimony (as above) and the Final Lamb’s blood”

PRAISE GOD!!! You will continue to hunger and thirst for the Word in Jesus name!!

Today, we read Psalms 131 and Isaiah 47-50.

Our dear Ibukun came with hot breakfast as expected. She started off with Psalms 131 saying that David compared himself to a weaned child with its mother. If we are to imagine a child that has just been fed and is content, the next anticipated move is sleep. Applying this to us, when we read the Word and have been fed we should be able to rest on the Word, that is, have hope and total trust in His Word!

Couple of lessons learned from Isaiah 48:

  1. It is possible to practice religion without being spiritual – We can wake up, read our Bibles and pray because that’s what we’ve been taught but we do not meditate or walk in what we’ve read. When we do things without God we are deceiving ourselves because God cannot be mocked. We should let the Word pass through us and refine us with the Spirit fully with us. May our actions not be in vain in Jesus name (Verses 1-8).
  2. Listening to God is a guarantee for success. It means we know what we are doing per time. The manufacturer knows best.

In Isaiah 50, God wants to help, if you’re in need just run to Him.  There’s nothing like having the God of the universe on your side. Just like God’s servant, we should be able to boast to anyone and challenge them because we know God’s got us.

Our cook for the day, Niyi, also served Fresh food. In depth analysis of Isaiah 47, starting with verses 1-7 which show God’s everlasting love for us regardless of what we do. God is more willing to love us that we are willing to be loved. We are His chosen people. Verses 8-15 reemphasize that we shouldn’t rely on ourselves or on man because we will end up being disappointed. Our hope should be built on Christ the solid rock because all other ground is sinking sand.

Oh how we love Isaiah 49:16

“See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands; Your walls are continually before Me.”

That’s as special as special can get!

Our memory verse for today was from Psalm 131:3

O Israel, hope in the LORD from this time forth and forever.

O #LA187, keep hoping in His Word!


DAY 137