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#LA187: DAY 133 – Flourishing Is Our Only Option!


Hello Awesome Family! It’s Day 133 and we’re still FRESH and FLOURISHING. The Word is at work in us.

Quiz time🙂

What happens when the LORD doesn’t build the house or guard the city?

Hint: Psalms 127

Today, we read Psalms 127 and Isaiah 31-34.

#FRESH food for you today!

Temi, who always makes sure we’re well fed, didn’t fall short on her day in the kitchen. What did we learn from Psalms 127:1? Setting our plans according to God’s will is akin to building on a solid foundation. On Isaiah 32:20, we are reminded that no matter what goes on in the world; we remain unaffected because God has our backs. Flourishing is our only option.

Kitchen helpers were on duty as always.

Isaiah 31 continues with the warning on what happens to those who go down to Egypt for help. We see that Egypt is anything that takes our eyes off Jesus: People, certificates, talents, and so on. Ife, our #FRESH sister shared that those who went down to Egypt for help were actually debasing themselves, they brought themselves down when God had raised them up. Egypt could represent the world so woe to them that turn to the world for help. Those who went down to Egypt thought they could put their trust in strength and number, what a shame. God alone is our security. #FRESH Femi also added that “Going down to Egypt” means stepping down from being in one with the Spirit in decision making to relying on our own understand.

On Isaiah 33:1, our very dear Oge asks “How are you treating people” because the way you treat others is the same measure with which you will be treated.

Powerful message in Isaiah 34:16 – easily missed – LOOK in the book of the Lord and READ.

Our memory verse for today was from Psalm 127:3

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward.

Good news: We, #LA187, are a heritage from the Lord. Amen!


DAY 133