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#LA187: DAY 132 – Plant In Tears and Harvest With Shouts Of Joy


Hello #FRESH Family! It’s Day 132 and we’re still FRESH. God is adding to our number. It is grace that has brought us thus far and that same grace will see us through. Amen!

Quiz time 🙂

Complete the following: Those who sow in _______________ shall reap in __________.

Hint: Psalms 126

Today, we read Psalms 126 and Isaiah 27-30.

Kwame, the able cook served a tasty meal on Psalms 126. We learned that God is a restorer, it doesn’t matter what depths one has sunk to, God can still restore. Also, Praise is the hallmark of the redeemed, those whose fortunes have been restored by God. We were also encouraged by the fact that God’s plans for us are to give us an expected end so don’t be saddened by whatever you go through, in the end, you will reap with joy.

As usual, we had helpers in the kitchen. Niyi shared his thoughts on Psalms 126:5. He saw it as a comforting and encouraging Word from God. Though the road to the promised place God has given us may not be easy, we are encouraged to keep planting, keep reading and growing in His knowledge, keep ensuing the advancement and growth of His Kingdom, keep praying, keep believing, keep trusting in Him and putting out faith solely on His Word. Why?  Because on the last day we shall reap our inheritance with joy and God will surely reward us beyond measure.


@Ogetours commented on Isaiah 27: 6 saying “Roots have to be taken 1st before any budding & blossoming is done, also what your anchorage is determines how fruitful you’ll be!” Ofcourse, it’s not complete without her praying for the family. In this day, #LA187family has taken root in God’s Word, therefore shall we bud & blossom and fill all the world with gud fruits! AMEN!!!

On Isaiah 28, @Ete_Ubom tweeted the following:

“….pride is the forerunner of destruction. – Isaiah 28:3”

“”How foolishly drunkards act! Those who are overcome with wine are overcome by Satan…” (Isaiah 28)”

“The right effect of faith in Christ is, to quiet & calm the soul “PEACE BE STILL!!” (Isaiah 28)”

Isaiah 29:13 caused us to ponder on how often people carry on a form of religion without true faith, they speak meaningless words and their affection is not set upon the Lord. @Ogungbedeji added “A lot of us carry the Bible in our hands but not in our hearts”. Hmmmmm….

Isaiah 30 warns us against going down to Egypt for help and exhorts us to instead turn to the Lord for help.

Our memory verse for today was from Psalm 126:3

The Lord has done great things for us, And we are glad.

We are so GLAD! Are you?


DAY 132