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#LA187: DAY 129 – GO FOR GOD!


Hello Precious Family! It’s Day 129. Aren’t you excited? Once again we welcome our newest family members. Welcome home! Welcome to the table of the Lord. Feast and be nourished!

Quiz time 🙂

Isaiah 15 was about the burden against ______________________________.

Hint: NONE 😀

Today, we read Psalms 123 and Isaiah 15-18.

What did we learn today? We learned the importance of looking unto God for everything, just check Psalms 123:1-2 and Isaiah 17:7-8. It is the key to a successful relationship with God. With reference to Psalms 123:2, we see that the Bible likened our looking to God with slaves looking to their Masters. Slaves look to their Masters for direction, provision, rewards, correction, sustenance and so much more. In like manner, let us look to God for anything and everything we need.

The family talked about various things humans look unto instead of God: fellow human beings, achievements, property, and wealth. Freshest IJ immediately pointed our attention to the fact that God is all in all. All wealth and riches are found in Him and we cannot achieve a thing without Him anyway. In essence, once you have God, you have everything. Go for GOD!

Ibukun noted that pride is a recurring theme in our readings thus far. A lot of people have been punished for pride and for not acknowledging God. We should never once think we’re indispensable. These are easy sins to slip into and we are admonished to remain alert so as not to fall. As Christians we should maintain a heart of humility and gratitude to God.

Our memory verse for today was from Psalm 123:1

Unto you I lift up my eyes, O You who dwell in the heavens.

Dami was FRESH enough to provide us confessions based on that scripture.

“My eyes see clearly. My vision is keen. I have perfect eyesight:

  • Insight to look within and see all that Christ has worked in me. To see myself as Christ is, to sight myself as God’s workmanship.
  • Hindsight to look at the cross, the nails and empty tomb and rejoice in the resurrection that established my justification and paved the way for my glorification.
  • Foresight to grasp the hidden things of the spirit. The spirit of revelation and wisdom that unravels hard sayings and life’s riddles. I look ahead and see only light.

I see God enthroned in heaven and as it is done there, there is a manifestation of the kingdom life in my heart, my home, my family, my city, my nation. Everywhere I turn from henceforth I see God exalted. I see His kingdom established!

Wow. AMEN!


DAY 129