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#LA187: DAY 111 – Trials Are Not Always A Result Of Sin


Freshest Family! It’s Day 111 and we’re still going at it… thanks be to the holy and awesome God we serve.

Today’s reading: Psalms 111; Job 5 – 8.

Today’s biblical journey led us through the interaction between the upright man called Job and his friends. It has caused a lot of us to pause and reflect on how presumptuous we may have been in the past. As @drbusuyi aptly put it: “Bildad spoke like many of us Christians today. Quick to condemn n criticize”. Selah


“I believe Bildad spoke Job 8:4 out of ignorance. Trials are not always the result of sin.” #LA187@signetseal

“To think dt Bildad felt he was comforting Job,yet he may have been causing him more anguish. I cringe for the times I may hv done dt.” #LA187@Eloxie

“Often times, its not everyone goin thru a rough phase that is being punished for a wrong committed e.g Job.” #LA187@jiokemad

“When a friend is in distress, your role is not to attempt to trace the cause. Bildad assumes Job’s kids died for their sins. Job 8:4.” #LA187@Eloxie

“He tries to comfort Job but his words are laced with ‘you need to repent’. Job 8:5-6. In the absence of a clear word, don’t assume.” #LA187@Eloxie

“If d intention is to comfort,silence may be all that is needed. The 7days of waiting with Job in silence was powerful. No assumptions.” #LA187@Eloxie

“When faced with sudden distress like Job, speaking to God is best.Friends are great but they may not really understand. Bilad didn’t.” #LA187@Eloxie


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Our daily memory verse was taken from Psalms 111:9

He has sent redemption to His people;
He has commanded His covenant forever:
Holy and awesome is His name.

DAY 111