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#LA187: Day 101 – We’re Marching Forward, End of Chronicles, Beginning of Ezra


Congratulations family, you’ve finished the books of Chronicles. Remain consistent and faithful, like your heavenly Father.

Testimonies overflowing from the #LA187 family! Academic success, divine protection, and it’s just TUESDAY!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s testimony!

Today we read Psalms 101 and 2 Chronicles 34 – Ezra 1

Various commentaries flowed in…

On Psalms 101, @ogetours from our twitter family made a fresh statement ‘ Psalm 101:3, what are you feeding your mind via your eyes ,ears & mouth gate? Little things that matter!#La187

Olu Seun from our WhatsApp group commented on 2 Chronicles 34: ‘King Josiah – a posthumous member of #LA187 family! He learned and applied! He studied and sought after the Living God. He applied what he learned by destroying the altars of the moi – moi gods.’

We got to Chapter 35 and were all dismayed to read about how Josiah died, @ete_ubom from the #LA187 twitter family aptly captured most thoughts on this matter ‘Let he that thinks he stands, take heed lest he falls… Oh Josiah, you started well, but you allowed pride to compromise you. #LA187

Commenting on Chapter 36, @jiokemad from our twitter family was quick to point out that just as the temples were neglected our physical body can be destroyed if we neglect it. Therefore, we should take care of it.

Isn’t it so sweet learning and applying the Word?

From Ezra 1, we learned that the heart of Kings are truly in God’s hands. King Cyrus, though a heathen, was used as an instrument in the fulfillment of God’s plans!

Let’s not forget our daily memory verse taken from Psalms 101:4:

A perverse heart shall depart from me;
I will not know wickedness.

Stay Fresh and Alive!