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#la187 7 Things I learnt from Day 78


A Refresher.

Psalm 78:

Summary: Israel’s ingratitude to God. In spite of God’s love and provision, they still couldn’t trust God. We must learn to trust God.

1 Kings 18-21: 7 Things I found interesting.       

1. Elijah was sure of his God. We see how he mocked the prophets of Baal. My soul, are you sure of your God?

2. Elijah sent his servant to check 7 times. We should not give up after the 1st or second trial. Let’s keep checking till we see a cloud rising like a hand.

3. God gave Elijah accelerated promotion. Even though Ahab was on a chariot, Elijah, though on foot, overtook him. The same Lord will give you accelerated promotion.

4.In 1 Kings 19 sees Elijah running from Jezebel, was tired, ate and was refreshed. When we are tired of life and ministry, we must call upon God to give us fresh zeal.

5.”The sound of a gentle whisper.” That was fresh. God might speak via unusual means. We should be alert.

6. Elisha is called and slaughters his oxen. He leaves everything to follow God. We can only move forward in life, if we do not hold on to our present!

7.a. Ahab and Ben-hadad. Interesting quote from Ben-hadad: “A warrior putting on his sword for battle should not boast like a warrior who has already won.” Ask @Towotoma said: “God of the hiils is still the God of the valley.”

God bless you!

And one more important lesson on focus: 1 Kings 20: 39-40. If you missed every other thing, don’t miss this lesson. Brood over it. Drink it in.

Nay, two : ) Ahab. Interesting personality. I wanted to write that the Lord still gave him victory in spite of his wickedness, blaming all his acts of wickedness on Jezebel his wife. But then, Ahab disappointed me by taking Naboth’s vineyard. I was sad. And before I could finish the reading, wise Ahab humbled himself before God. God observed him and lessened his punishment. I must humble myself.


Please feel free to share your thoughts on the daily readings, in whatever format or language. This is not an intellectual work. The idea is to have an archive for our lessons. The future will benefit from it, and we too can go back to our notes. So feel free to send an e-mail to Please tweet at me to say you have done so, so I can publish.

God bless you again, and keep tweeting with the #la187 #tag. People are becoming aware, people are joining in. I am praying for you.