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#LA130Review: MATTHEW ! by #LATeamJoy

Matthew 1

The book of Mattew is the first book in the new testaments. The first chapter in it analysed the over forty generations of Jesus from the days of Abraham.

Through the power of the Holy Ghost, Mary was with a child that it may come to pass which was said that a virgin would bring forth a child to be called Emmanuel through Joseph, from the lineage of David


Matthew 2

The child, Jesus Christ began to experience opposition and challenges immediately after His birth. As much as there were wise men eager to worship Him, there was also a man in person of King Herold who   wanted to kill Him.

Herold understood the King that would take his place was come, and he made himself available to be used by the devil.

In the end, no one could Kill Jesus because His purpose was way beyond the trivialities and selfishness Herold attached to His birth.

This chapter, the events and flight of Joseph, Jesus and Mary to Nazareth was to make real the spoken prophecies that Christ shall be called out of Nazareth.


Matthew 3

Before the Son was revealed came a strong voice assigned to announce the coming of the Lion of Judah, a voice to lay the foundation of message of repentance.

And who else could have talked about the coming of the Messiah if not an equally chosen prophet whom the world grew to be delighted in listening to.

A prophet whom by spiritual grace baptized the people and was chosen to preach about God, our Father in heaven, who is mighty enough to raise stone in place of men for His purpose and everyone that won’t do the will remains judged.

And in the said time came Jesus for the fulfilment of righteousness. He was baptized and immediately came from heaven the voice of the spirit empowering the Son of God.

Matthew 4

This chapter shows that temptation is not inevitable in a man’s life. It is a test of one’s spiritual strength and a calculated attempt for the children of God to molest the devil (tempter). Why did I say that, look at Jesus, verse 1 says Jesus was led up to be tempted because  it is certain Jesus will always win and devil defeated.

Jesus led by example in this chapter, against every temptation He stood on the Word. To every challenge from the devil He gave a counter pronouncement.

That’s how to defeat the devil, to stay with the word and use it in time of temptation.

One of the reasons the devil will tempt you is because he wants you to fall, to fall because he won’t want you to attain glorification.

Immediately Jesus defeated him, verse 24 shows that Jesus’ fame went throughout the entire place.

Matthew 5

The chapter marks the beginning of the teachings of Jesus. His teachings are not deviation from the old laws. Rather, He came to seal the laws of old for fulfilment of prophecies.

He came to clarify the misinterpretation of the commandment of God, to put the children on the right path of holiness and righteous walk; to initiate that it is not enough to say we won’t kill, but we shouldn’t also anger and hold grudges to the presence of God.

Whatever is the symbol of sin in our lives should be removed. Look inwards and around you, that thing, that person or situation that causes you to defile yourself should be vehemently rejected so as not to miss Gods kingdom.

Let your yes be yes and no be no. Dont be white today and black tomorrow, let every word that proceed from your mouth glorify God.

Christ teaches that we should not repay evil for evil, which only describes a man far from the grace of God. Be meek, simple, righteous, after God purpose and humble in your spirit; in it are the blessedness of God that will pride you as the light of this world.

Matthew 6

Christ teachings continue with admonition to do good as quietly and humbly as possible. Do not speak to your Father in heaven where the whole world can see you. Instead pray accordingly calling on the heavenly father in your closet and asking for forgiveness.

Further still, it is only a property in heaven that can last forever. Giving priority to earthly acquisition is a sure way to lack. Place your efforts towards heavenly acquisition, there you are certain to be inspired for a home- a home in God and Christ.

God can provide for all your needs according to His riches and glory. Thinking how and when of your life and living is denying God the chance to provide your needs. Let God reign in your life for a lifelong assurance of adequate and timely provisions

Matthew 7

It is not in our role or capacity to judge anyone, neither are we worthy of addressing another man’s situation when we haven’t addressed ours. First make yourself right before God and pray for your neighbours instead.

The simplest thing to do as sons and daughters of God is to ask, and the easiest thing for God to do is to answer. It is in our right to request from our Father and it is in His nature to always answer us but it takes a son to know his father’s way. You can’t desire an estate from a family that you dont answer their name.

Narrow is the path to the family of God, chose this path and become one of the living witnesses. Nothing separates the family of God like godly attitudes that portrays heaven consciousness.

Matthew 8

The leper asked him if He would heal him, without mincing words, Jesus answered in the affirmative. It’s our right to receive all we desire but not until we ask and ask believing it is done.

There are askers; there are asking believers and asking believers with works. Each of this level is a reflection of the level of faith in a man. The centurion had a working knowledge of authority, mixed with faith and understanding. He didn’t just ask Jesus in verse eight, but also expressed how it would work out.

During the turbulence on water, if the centurion was in the boat with them, would he be as scared as the disciples seeing the level of faith he exhibited earlier? Only a faith filled man can enjoy every provision of God.

Matthew 9

The ministry of Jesus is to reconcile through healing and preaching. Another vital aspect of His reconciliation ministry is the power to forgive. Since has He has the ability to reconcile, how much more forgiving to aid the ministry.

In the reconciliation ministry, healing is vital to its success. Miracle to heal the physical body is an aspect, while forgiveness to heal the spiritual body is another.

Jesus Christ exemplified these reconciliation necessities in this chapter, up to the extent that His garment healed the woman with the issue of blood, whose faith exposed her to the values around Christ and how quickly she could access it.

Matthew 10

The mandate and empowerment for reconciliation was officially handed to the disciples, to seek the sheep back to the herd of Christ and encourage those worthy.

Like every other provisions, another requirement operating in the ministry is the persecution of the message and the messenger. But in all this challenges, if the saint shall continually confess Jesus’s capacity, such will inherit the kingdom of God.


The moment a man is offended in God, he stand to lose his position before God. John that was the receiver of prophecy and the announcer of Jesus got offended and decided to mis-judge the validity of the son ship of Jesus Christ.

The world will misinterpret the workings of God but as sons, we have to violently guide our heart with faith to take our kingdom. The judgement of God will be on those who refused the ministry but all those who accept it has the opportunity to be in the rest of God

Matthew 12

Every day is for God to search for His lost sheep. The day anyone have an encounter with God is the day he will experience His power.

Every kingdom operates to gain advantage; none can operate to compromise its success. Only the kingdom of God can challenge the kingdom of darkness.

Expect no sign for the working power and judgement of God, the only deserving sign is the birth of Jesus.

Whoever shall be after the heart of God is a brother to Jesus. This qualifies us as co-heir with Jesus Christ.

Matthew 13

The word of God in every man is like a seed, in some it germinates while to others it dies in-between. The word is to everyman a profit. This the devil knows and he will always strive to remove the profiting word from the heart of men.

Let’s live in consciousness and be over protective of every word planted in us. Understand the purpose of every word and diligently prune it of any chaff.  Stay abreast in the word and embattle the planter of chaff.

Our reward as Christians is the kingdom of God in which we have immeasurable values. The profits are worth sacrificing our life for.

Matthew 14

What moved Jesus towards us is a great compassion. No matter how huge our challenges are, this chapter proves that Jesus will neither forsake nor ignore us.  About five thousand man, beside women and children where fed by the compassion of Christ and His heart of gratitude to God.

All it takes for God to intervene in your seemingly large situation is to seek His compassionate nature. No matter how little our faith is, all we need is just the faith to take that bold step and Jesus would be there to pick us up like he did to peter on the water.

Matthew 15

God deals with our heart and not our stomach.  Our body as the temple of God in us is what requires utmost protection from corruption. That which is of tradition will take no man nowhere, only the purity of heart and adherence to commandments that can.

The quality of our thoughts and the motive behind our actions is what determines our relationship with God and not the things that go into our stomach.

There are doctrines that only strengthen peoples traditional believes and not bring us any closer to God. What needs to be strengthened is our relationship with God and surrendering our heart to him. This will give you a front role position before God that even when there is a doubt on your right to access certain benefits, your conviction will justify you.