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Frello F.R.E.S.H #LA Family! The Freshest family of God that consistently Learns and Applies the Word.

It’s Day 38 of our #LA130 program.

Today’s Reading: John 7 – 8.

For the daily readings, please see here.

#LA130Prayer from John 7 and 8:

  1. Help me dear Lord to understand the seasons and time of life in Jesus name. John 7:6,30
  2. I bless the Lord for He is the fountain of life from which I quench my thirst. John 7:38
  3. May the Spirit of Unity, Love and Power rest on the #LAFamily in Jesus name. John 7:43-44
  4. I pull down any stronghold operating in my life in Jesus name. John 7:51-52
  5. Thank you Merciful God for there is no condemnation for anyone who dwells in you. John 8:11
  6. I glorify you Lord for setting me free from the Law. I now live by Grace and walk in victory in Jesus name. John 8:17
  7. I declare that I am a child of a King. John 8:26-29
  8. Jesus has set me free. In the name of Jesus, I am FREE INDEED. John 8:34-36

There are so many lessons learnt from today’s reading about Jesus…here are a few:

  • When people were amazed about the way He spoke in John 7:15, He didn’t hesitate to humble himself. He didn’t credit the teachings to Himself but to God.
  • John 8:1-11 shows the Pharisees again trying to get someone to accuse him. It failed of course. Jesus wasn’t in a haste to answer…he applied wisdom and spoke calmly. Also from verse 11 we see that Jesus didn’t condemn her, however He warned her not to return to a life of sin’…go your own way…from now on don’t sin…’
  • John 7:42-43: We shouldn’t be like the Pharisees; we should search scriptures for in it contains light for our understanding.
  • Jesus didn’t sugarcoat the truth…He said it as it is…we should do likewise.

You have Learned! Go forth and Apply!

Food For Thought: Do your thoughts, words and actions speak of the person of JESUS?

Please deposit John 8:12 into the memory bank:

Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”

Stay #FRESH, #CHAP and #ALIVE!

DAY 038