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Frello F.R.E.S.H #LA Family! The Freshest family of God that consistently Learns and Applies the Word.

It’s Day 22 of our #LA130 program.

Today’s Reading: Mark 15 – 16. Wow! We’ve come to the end of Mark!

For the daily readings, please see here.

#LA130Prayer from Mark 15 and 16:

  1. Thank u Jesus for taking my shame, pain and sufferings on the cross in Jesus Name. Mark 15:37
  2. Like Christ, I choose to forgive all those who trespass against me in Jesus Name. Mark 15:29-32
  3. Let every stumbling block in my life be removed by the power of the resurrection in Jesus Name. Mark 6:3-4
  4. Thank you Lord for you are so mighty and my victory is complete in You in Jesus Name. Mark 16:6, 7
  5. I declare that I operate in the realm of the supernatural because Jesus is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever in Jesus Name. Mark 16:14

We already covered the significance of the crucifixion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus here, we’ll be learning from the influential character of Pilate who played a significant role in the crucifixion.

  1. Pleasing people is rooted in insecurity. Be secure about the authority God has given you.
  2. When you know the right thing to do, DO IT. Don’t hesitate. Don’t consider the “Crowd”.
  3. For everyone in a leadership position, never come to a conclusion based on the ‘flesh’ or ‘sentiments’. Allow the Spirit to lead, whether or not it’s in your immediate favor or disfavor.
  4. In the midst of a cacophony of sounds and noises, take time to listen to the still small voice and obey it.
  5. When we make decisions based on our audience, we compromise and cannot make right decisions. We cannot please everyone; let us instead aim to please God.

You have Learned! Go forth and Apply!

Food For Thought: Pilate was a people pleaser thus causing him to take a regrettable decision. Am I a people pleaser?

Please deposit Mark 16:15 into the memory bank:

And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.

Stay #FRESH, #CHAP and #ALIVE!

DAY 022