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#LA130: DAY 021 – 14 #FRESH LESSONS!


Frello F.R.E.S.H #LA Family! The Freshest family of God that consistently Learns and Applies the Word.

It’s Day 21 of our #LA130 program.

Today’s Reading: Mark 13 – 14.

For the daily readings, please see here.

#LA130Prayer from Mark 13 and 14:

  1. I shall take heed to myself so I won’t be deceived in this end time IN JESUS NAME. Mark13:5, 9
  2. I pray for the speedy spread of the gospel around the world IN JESUS NAME. Mark 13:10
  3. I pray for every elect child of God, we will not give in to the seductions of the enemy IN JESUS NAME. Mark 13:22
  4. I receive grace to watch and pray till the end IN JESUS NAME. Mark 13:33-35
  5. I come against every spiritual slumber in my life IN JESUS NAME. Mark 13:38, 41
  6. Hallelujah, I will see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven IN JESUS NAME. Mark 13:62

As inspired by @KingdomTurf, we’ll share 14 Fresh lessons from Mark 14.

  1. The woman with the alabaster box gave her very best to Jesus not minding what it could have cost her.  What are we giving to God? We must give our best. (Mark 14:1-5)
  2. Say No to Logic and Yes to the Spirit’s leading. (Mark 14:1-9)
  3. Jesus will always rise to our defense over our every commitment to Him. (Mark 14:6-9)
  4. She gave a worthy offering, and she received a much more worthy blessing. (Mark 14:1-9)
  5. When you do it as He says it, you will see it as He has promised. (Mark 14:16)
  6. Jesus blessed the bread…and it became His Body. The blessing of God turns the natural to the supernatural. (Mark 14:12-26)
  7. Jesus left Peter James and John and went further to pray. Family devotion does not cover personal devotion. (Mark 14:32-42)
  8. There are many hidden traps on the road of life. We are armed when we give ourselves to prayer. (Mark 14:32-42)
  9. When you experience betrayal, remember Jesus. He invested himself in his disciples. Yet, when it mattered most, they all left him. (Mark 14:43-51)
  10. Jesus was so clean that they sought just ONE valid point against Him and could not find. Purity fuels confidence. (Mark 14:53-65)
  11. We may be tempted to criticize Peter for denying Jesus but every time we do something anti-Christ like, we deny and crucify Him again. (Mark 14: 66-72)
  12. Keeping silent about our Christianity or going along with actions that are contrary to God’s word is a denial of Jesus. (Mark 14: 66-72)
  13. Peter sat down in the wrong place…and He denied Jesus. Do not remain in a company that threatens your faith. (Mark 14:66-72)
  14. Willpower will cave in under pressure. It takes spiritual power to consistently do the right thing in spite of opposition. (Mark 14:72)

You have Learned! Go forth and Apply!

Food For Thought: The woman who anointed Jesus is still being spoken of today? What are we doing for God? Does it cost us?

Please deposit Mark 14:24 into the memory bank:

And he said to them, “This is my blood, which confirms the covenant between God and his people. It is poured out as a sacrifice for many.

Stay #FRESH, #CHAP and #ALIVE!

DAY 021