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Focus: consecration & abundance

Firstly, we thank God for restoring our brother Bernard’s strength. We believe that his healing will be completed in Jesus name!

ROM 12:11 2 KINGS 10:16 PSALM 42:1; ACTS 1:8

1. Thank God for saving you and for daily showing you who you are in Christ through His Word.
2. Pray that nothing will discourage you from leading a life of holiness in the year 2014 and beyond.
3. Cast out every spirit of Esau that will tempt you to sell your birth right for bread of any kind.
4. Ask the Lord to baptize you with His Holy Spirit afresh. And that God will give you spiritual gifts to aid your Christian life.
5. Pray for the Spirit of service. That God will grant you grace and power to be useful in the kingdom, and in LA family. Pray that you will do something significant for God in 2014 and beyond.
6. Pray for the Spirit to be poured out on all flesh: that the young men and women will see visions, and that the old men will dream dreams.
7. Begin to pray that he Lord will revive your Spirit man. You’ll not grow weary, you’ll not retire in Jesus name.

PHILIPPIANS 4:19 JOHN 10:10 PSALM 132:15 1 JOHN 5:14-15

1. Thank God for becoming poor so that you might become rich.
2. PRAY against every poverty mentality in your life and ministry.
3. Confess that, according to the word of God you shall eat your bread to the full.
4. Command God’s multiplication upon all that belongs to you, so that it may grow accordingly.
5. Pray in Jesus’ Name for the breakthrough of abundance beyond your imagination.
6. Pray for grace to use what the Lord is bringing into your life to worship Him.
7. Give praise to God for His promise to do that which exceeds your prayers, thoughts and dream.
8. Pray that the place of your dwelling will show the goodness of the Lord.
9. Decree that winning ideas, visions, and breakthroughs will begin to flow through you.
10. Tell the Lord to shower you with such an abundance of His favour that even the enemy will have to acknowledge it.
11. Ask the Lord to anoint your ear to hear what God has in store for you.
12. Begin to bless the Lord for 2014 is your year of Abundance.

Join us 8pm as we conclude the prayers together.

Day 5, 31st Dec will be a wonderful day, and for the whole of that day, we’ll be speaking wondrous works into our lives.

Be prepared to speak words of life into your life and destiny. Prov 18:21;

God bless you!
Abraham’s blessings are yours!

The LA family.