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LA Family OAU Anniversary Meeting #LAFamilyis3

OAU LA Family meeting held on Sunday 6th March, 2016.


Abimbola Olalekan
Oke Princewill Omoyemi
Ademola Falana
Adewole Adetola
Bamimore Joseph Gbenga
Olatunji Festus Olufemi
Obayomi Abiola

The meeting started at about 2:30pm with the opening prayer from Lekan. We gave thanks to God for preserving us and making us fresh in him since our last meet up in November. We thank God for the leadership of LA Family, how he gave them the vision and also grace to actualise the vision, under whose umbrella we are standing as a family today.


Princewill gave a testimony about answered prayers, we agreed as a family concerning his father’s health in November and to God be the glory his father’s health is restored and he is hale and hearty now. Also he blessed God for finally making his uncles marriage of 7 years fruitful.

Gbenga thanked God for blessing his uncle’s family with a wonderful set of twins. Only God can do these things.


LEKAN: I joined the family through Ike Amadi on twitter at a point I was down in spirit, my spiritual life was on a low then, I knew myself that I needed a spark. LA Family reading brought me back to the basics of Christ and since then I have been enjoying grace in my bible study and prayer life.



He joined the family at a young age. At first he was timid about sharing his own little word with elderly and more matured family members, but the roles given to him( Buddy List organiser) in his group helped him greatly to settle and feel at home in God’s family.


It is better to stay alone than t0 be with the wrong people. He joined the family through is friend Ayanfeoluwa and there has been no turning back since then. He said, God is using the LAFamily through Ike Amadi to gather the heart of men to himself. In this world where social media platform has become a tool for the devil, the LA Family has been a strong force in engaging and bringing together God’s people to learn his word through this platform.


Brethren at LA family OAU meeting

TOLA: While the family was studying 2Corrinthians 2, 3,4 he got a word from God about Unveiled faces and the treasure of God in heathen vessels. The words he held unto and they helped him when he eventually had to serve in a position in his fellowship.

GBENGA: His bible study life has greatly increased ever since he joined the family, he is always looking forward for the day’s meal and his experience has been awesome.

Afterwards, we learnt and rehearsed the family song and asked to share this song with members of our various family groups who do not know the song.

We then went into the reading of the day, Ex16 and Mathew 15. We had an extensive discussion on Mathew 15:11.
It was a powerful one. We blessed God for the wisdom to share and learn in love.

Thereafter, we had our token of refreshment and also took some pictures to celebrate God’s family at 3.
We shared the grace and we closed the meeting at around 4:30pm

Long Live LA Family.
God bless our Leaders.

Abimbola Olalekan