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Joyce Meyer – Breaking Satan’s Chains

We should go to God and tell him to convert the information we receive into revelation.

Your words affect your future.

Peace equals power.

God wants us to be steady in any stage of our lives and He will grant us success in every area of our lives.

2 Cor 10:3-4: We are in a war. The name of Jesus is a weapon, worship, the cross of Jesus, the blood of Jesus.

The war has already been won, however there are many battles that needs to be won.

We will not have a second-rate life in Jesus name.

Life can get exciting when you realise that you are in partnership with God. And He wants to do things through you for His glory.

God said to cast our cares on him, but not our responsibility.

God has given you his peace but he wants you to stop getting agitated by things that happen around you. Change your thinking and change your life.

Don’t be a barefoot christian. Get your shoes on. Put on your shoes of peace!

One things that causes me to lose peace is the works of the flesh. Works of the flesh is the my idea of how I can solve my problems and change myself. Will power will get you so far, but it won’t take you all the way without God’s help.

Words of the flesh = frustration. It is our flesh trying to do God’s job. Us trying to do things we can’t do. Gal. 3:3.

How can you change?
Same way you got saved – through faith.

Trade your trying for trust!
When you get saved, you return the glory to God.

Don’t try to change people.

James 4:7 – Don’t try to change circumstances, submit yourself to God and then resist the devil.

The devil wants to get your joy so that he can get your strength.

Do what God tells you to, and the devil won’t have power over your life.

Breaking Satan’s Assignment:

1) By disciplining your mouth
There is no hope of victory if you don’t spend personal quality time with God and pray for God to help you.