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“I thank God for the La fam and particularly my whatsapp group, you guys are the bestest(pardon my grammar). You sharing or just chatting reminds me to gan read my bible. Each day when i see the green icon on my phone i feel guilty and ask myself “Oya Damy have you prayed or read your bible today?” Thank you guys for just doing what you do on here, it has helped me a great deal.

2: I used to think my happiness is tied to human beings since i started LA130 the story has been different i have Joy on my inside not tied to anyone or circumstances. I’m really thankful for this.  THIS IS MY TESTIMONY.”

– Damilola (WhatsApp)

“Apostle Paul’s letters are genius in my opinion.

Other than the practical teachings of Christian living, They’ve also ministered to me greatly as a fine alternative to spreading the gospel in an effective and efficient manner.

I personally believe and know that the LA Family structure is another version of “The Apostle Paul Letter Series”

To that:

I bless God for this family and the LA FAMILY at large for its divine mandate to transform lives through practical application of the scriptures.

When I joined, I was promised transformation. 

My testimony today, is that I am being transformed through God’s word.

But for transformation to happen, i.e. for me to increase, some folks are working tirelessly to make sure (they are decreasing) the needed environment is there to sustain my increase.

That said, I am taking this opportunity to thank
Sis. Adun, Sis. Olu Seun, for both directly and indirectly connecting me with this group.

Our God will transform your lives as well.

To our ever faithful cheerleader, in the name of Sis. Temi, the Lord will cheer you on even when you want to give up abi na give in 😉 You shall run, and not be weary; you shall walk, and not faint. In Jesus name.

And to Mr. IKE AMADI; the man the Lord has ordained for this divine mandate, I congratulate you for the lives God has used you and currently using you to transform using simple tools to spread the word of God.

Your anointing will never run dry. You will expe -rience an OVERFLOW. You will not be drowned with the vision.  I pray the Lord will continue to give you ALL that you need to fully implement what He’s laid before you. You will not fall. Instead, you will mount up with wings as eagles.

And to everyone else sharing in this vision, the work is not complete without you. So keep sharing, bring a friend e.t.c. there’s a reward for every sould that comes through you. So continue to be awesome.

It’s great to be part of THE LA FAMILY. Learn more at”

– Kunle (WhatsApp)

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