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It is foolish to magnify our troubles over God (1 Samuel 13) – Job Shinen

I thought I should share my notes with you today: 1 Samuel 13…
“I ‘saw’ that the people were scattered from me……I ‘thought’ the philistine would attack me……I ‘felt’ compelled to sacrifice….”

“I saw… I thought…I felt”Those were the three main things Saul did. But as reasonable as they are, Samuel called it a foolish deed! Why were they in fact foolish?

First, it is not foolish to see- I mean that is why God gave us eyes from the first place. But even more than our physical eyes, he has given us spiritual eyes to see His faithfulness in whatever situation. So while it is wise to see how God is exalted far above our troubles, it is indeed foolish to magnify our troubles over God.
Moreover, it is not foolish to think, I mean, why do we have brains from the first place? But nothing is as foolish as allowing these thoughts exalt themselves above the LORD.

Lastly, we must understand that our feelings are not themselves bad. But a failure to judge and even control them would always lead us astray. Without a developed spirit, our feelings would always emanate from the flesh…and there is nothing as unsure as serving God only when we feel as to.

Job Shinen for the LA Family.