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Intro to 1&2 Peter.

Peter wrote his letters to encourage the Christians who were scattered due to the persecution. The readers were predominantly of Gentile background rather than Jewish background. They were suffering and Peter wanted to explain why suffering occurs, to remind them to be faithful to the end,to confront those who were twisting the truth of the Gospel.‬

‪Peter, the author, was in Rome (which he calls Babylon). There he would be executed by crucifixion, choosing to hand upside-down, traditions says because he felt unworthy to die in the same manner as his Lord.‬

‪These are not bleak letters, but rather, they are filled with hope and practical counsel on how to endure. In the first letter,  he encourages believers to be faithful even in the midst of hardships coming from external source. In the second letter, he provides guidelines for discerning false teachings that arise internally. his motive and intent is to keep believers on the right path and to keep  them going through the tough times.‬

‪These letters, remind us that following Christ can, at times, be difficult and costly. Yet, we should rejoice that we are considered worthy to suffer for Christ’s sake. We are to hold fast to the truth.
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“Culled from Hope Bible by Joel Osteen”