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Inauguration Message for Deeper Life 30,000 Capacity Auditorium

Inauguration Message for Deeper Life 30,000 Capacity Auditorium

By Pastor W.F Kumuyi

Christ is the final expression of the fullness of the thoughts of God.

Christ says we have the mind of Christ – we think like he thinks, we walk like he walks and do the things he would be doing, were here to be here.

What are the thoughts of Christ concerning the church?

Matthew 16:15-19

Petros means A little rock.

1. The Divine proclamation
‘Upon this rock I will build my church.”
2. ‎The Divine promise
“I will send my holy Spirit into you.”
Every time God has said “I will” he has always carried it out. Therefore when God has said,

“I will build my church,
‎i will build your family
‎i will build your business,
Nothing can stop it.

3. The Divine project
“I will build”

He builds for eternity – for pilgrims and partakers of the heavenly City.

4. The Divine personal possession
I will build MY church. The church is God’s. We belong to Christ.

5. The defined peculiar people
My church
Church means Ecclesia – called out, sanctified, Spirit filled, secured, sustained and satisfied in him. And because of his peculiarity he gave himself for his church so that we can become peculiar people.

6. Divine preservation
The enemies of God, the enemies of hell, the emisaries, the hatred, the warriors from the pit of hell, the conspirators from the gates of darkness will not prevail against the church.

Come in, surrender your life to him and say, I am IN.

7. Divine power that breaks every yoke. Mt. 6:19
Whatsoever you bind on Earth is bound in heaven – nobody can put you in bondage. Whatsoever thou shalt loose on Earth is loosed in heaven.

What’s are the keys of the kingdom?

1. He gave himself. Moses didn’t have this one. He gave himself to pardon us, save, clean, pardon, and make us like himself.
2. ‎The Divine nature.
3. ‎The Holy Ghost.
4. ‎His name – whatsoever you ask in my name, he will give it to you.
5. ‎Faith
6. ‎His prevailing power
7. ‎The gifts of the Spirit

Declare: I have the key!

You will open doors, you will lock doors.

Always think thoughts of Christ for the Divine proclamation.

Pray: Father, impossibilities be possible in every life in Jesus name.