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In whom do you trust? #Psalmoftheweek

Every age perceives that it is worse than its predecessor. Study history and you will observe that nothing is new; everything is cyclical. It’s just that events seem heightened in our age simply because it is more immediate and with the advent of the internet, the world is truly one big global village complete with its village gossips, town criers and scaremongers.

In whom do you trust?

Psalm 47 is a wonderful psalm. It basically affirms that God reigns over the earth and whilst meditating on it this week it made me put a few things in perspective, especially concerning the state of the world that we live in and how to maintain hope in God.

Yes, primarily it was written as a triumphant declaration of the people of Israel yet at the same time it has such a strong messianic message.

Hope in the now…

Don’t get caught up in the world. Praise is to destroy depression, self-righteousness etc.

Even as believers we can’t get too caught up in our own self-righteousness because we then set ourselves up for disappointments because what we think we know of God isn’t eminent.

‘He shall choose our inheritance for us’ – Can you wrap your mind around this precept? The Lord our God is King of all the earth, of all nations. He chose who you are as a Nigerian, an Indonesian, a New Zealander, a Canadian, a Balkan. Your place of birth is not accidental, Ephesians 1:3-6. There is a reason why you are a plumber, cook, teacher, civil servant, admin clerk, P.A., Ecc 3:1-15.

God has a plan and we are a part of it.

Let us not deceive ourselves by believing we know the mind of God. Our folly is to believe that our age is most in need of God’s intervention. Or to bemoan God’s silence amidst so much oppression or worst still that God is punishing our age for the sins of the world.

Perhaps, we should appoint less time engaging our minds to understanding the mysteries of God and misinterpreting events in the world according to our knowledge of God. Instead, engage our hearts in an intimate relationship with Him that we become more grounded and focussed on God’s love and healing grace.

Whether we get to see the coming of Christ in our age is not important. It is this grace and hope in His love for his children that will bring His victory of peace because it will be passed on through generations. That is our hope. That is the command of the scriptures and this Psalm. It is a command to praise. Not just any old praise but to sing ‘praise with understanding’. Subdue our minds to the knowledge possessed in our hearts. How deep is your love of Christ?

The world will always have a perception of itself that is contrary to God, but …one day it won’t. And that Beloved brothers and sisters is the crux of the matter.

Written by Orode Faka. (@0rode)