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Ike Amadi (By @irep4jesus)

I – Inspiring
I haven’t met you yet but,you have been a great inspiration to me. I found the LAfamily when I was about to quit reading the bible because my efforts were tiring.

K – Kind Hearted
What better word would be to describe a leader that gives everyone who shows willingness to volunteer an opportunity to serve.

E – Exceptional & Excellent
I appreciate your work everyday,striving to encourage one more person to enrich themselves through the study of God’s word.

A – Amazing
A man with so much passion for the God’s word,he doesn’t just seek to know by study but to put the written word in Application in our lives.An advocate of the application of God’s word .Ike Amadi you are amazing

M – Motivator
After reading your blog post on Do Something,I wasn’t left the same afterwards.I had to stop procrastinating and Do Something .

A – A.L.I.V.E
Apart from the fact that you’re awesome and amazing you are Fresh and Alive(Always.Living.In.View.Of.Eternity.)Your tweets and Facebook posts always point us to Christ.

D – Daddy Fresh
Daddy Fresh as we call you,the father of the Fresh family that seeks to Learn and Apply Gods word.I pray that you’ll live to reap the fruit of your labor in Jesus name.

I – Ineffable
Owing to the limitations of my vocabulary, I’ll call you ineffable because I can’t find a better word to describe you.

Happy Birthday sir, wishing you the Best life has got to offer
Stay Fresh and Stay Cool