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April HolyGhost Service : ABBA FATHER 3 with Pastor E A Adeboye

Text: Romans8:15
Father is a title not a name and it means several things. #AbbaFather3

1. Father means source or origin. Isaiah51:1-2
The father is the source from which your blessings flow.
A Father is the source through which your blessings or curses flow.
2Cor 5:20-27
Any curse in your generation ends tonight in the mighty name of Jesus.

2. Father means breadwinner, provider the one who provides for the family.
PRAYER: Abba Father there is no poverty in your family, I now belong to your family please don’t let me lack in the name of Jesus.
The Lord said I should tell you; “I will carry you and carry your children.”

3. A father is also a teacher. Genesis18:17-19 Proverbs22:6
Abba Father, please teach me and my children to excel in the mighty name of Jesus.

4. The father chastises because he loves us. Hebrews12:6
Prayer: Abba Father if I offend you, please correct me but please don’t leave me alone.

5. Father also means adviser. 1Kings2:1-4
Abba Father, please guide me into my breakthrough in the name of Jesus.

From the message by Pastor Enoch Adeboye