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Hear Well Before You Move ~ Paul Armah Ndabiah


The first thing is to be convinced about the direction God is giving you.

If you’re not convinced about what God has told you, people will confuse you. When you’re sure, pursue; go for it! 

Hear well before you move, else you’ll waste time and energy.

The only problem with Orpah was that she gave up easily (Ruth 1:8-18).

The voice of the people is not always the voice of God.

People (miserable comforters) will try to talk you out of your vision, because they do not see what you see.

Make up your mind never to go back! Believe in God and believe in yourself.

Don’t let any situation talk you out of where you’re going.

It is not about how you look right now, it is about the God that is in you; it is about what you carry.

Never be discouraged. Encourage yourself in the Lord. Learn to encourage yourself. Read scriptures, read books, listen to good sermons.

A discouraged person cannot be used by God. – Billy Graham

For you to pursue,
1. Be determined
2. Be courageous
3. Encourage yourself always

Paul Armah
AGCC Moscow