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‘How long will You forget me,O Lord? Forever? How long will You hide Your face from me? Ps. 13:1-4 (Amp)

So many times life becomes dreary and unappealing. Situations become unbearably difficult and we ask so many questions – ‘why me? Is God asleep?

Should I continue trusting this God? Can there ever be a way out? The more we ask those questions, the more pronounced the deafening silence and so we wonder if God hears our prayers.

David wrote the 13th Psalm when he was fleeing from Saul and it seemed everyone had abandoned him. He, who God has ordained as King, was running for his life and living in caves. He was disappointed, lonely and it felt as though the world was closing in on him.

Similarly, as Christians we often find ourselves in circumstances that make us lonely, feel dejected and abandoned by friends, family and even God.

In John 16:33, Christ told us about all the tribulations in the world. He reminded us that we would experience numerous ‘downs’ in the world – there would be disappointment, hunger, unemployment, persecution, – there would be things that could make us ask similar questions David asks in Psalms 13: 1-4.

The good news however is that He has fought and won the battles for us! Christ has overcome that, which could try our faith and pull us down into depression!

At those bleak periods we should trust Him who alone can comfort us (Isaiah 51:12). He who has promised us His unfailing love (Isaiah 54:10) and believe that He will never forget us (Isaiah 49:15).
We should see Him as bigger and greater than whatever circumstances we face and believe that our struggles and pains are temporal (2Corinthians 4:16-17).

What are you presently going through? For what are you trusting God? Do you think your prayers are only conversations in your head?

Hold on, smile, and believe, He will come through for you!

Prayer Focus:
Faithful Father, help me to see You as bigger than my troubles and believe You are working out my miracles in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s devotional was written by Olushola Oludayo @sholape1.