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Have A Big Dream by Brian Houston

Three things about your dream:
  1. Your dream will threaten people.
The greatest opposition for your dream may come from those closest to you when you dare stand up.
  1. Dreamers never stop dreaming. They keep dreaming new dreams
Joseph dreamed another dream. Never stop dreaming.
Those who lose their vision for the future will always return to the past. That’s why you should never stop dreaming!
  1. Dreamers understand other dreamers.
Join a church with a vision. Don’t be in a place where people don’t dream. Your dream will die.
3 Things to see your dream come true.
  1. The will to live. There will be many things lining up to try to kill your dream.
  2. The will to succeed. God will not give you a dream to fail.
  3. The will to serve.
Many people don’t want success, they want what other people have.
You live to succeed and you succeed to serve.
The greatest gift you have is the Holy Spirit. He speaks the language of dreams.
Acts 2:17
The Holy Spirit will guide you to your dream (John 16:13).
How do I know this dream is not just a big distraction?
How do I know this dream is of God?
God will give you the Holy Spirit. Trust the Father to give you the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is a comforter. You need Him, because the life of a dreamer could be a lonely road.
The Holy Spirit can cause your dream to become your reality.
The Holy Spirit will keep your dream relatable, and makes you more connected.
Prayer: Father, thank you for the good dreams you have planted in our hearts. And thank you for the Holy Spirit, our hope, who helps our dream come to fruition. Help every one of us to fulfil our dreams in Jesus name.
Culled from a message by Brian Houston