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Celebrating a wonderful man of God!!!!

Daddy Fresh, Enjoy!


“Happy Birthday IKE AMADI!!!! #waaLast” – Dami D4C

“Happy birthday Daddy Fresh. The freshest dad in d block. I celebrate u today n always. May ur time on earth always be a refreshing one. U r not permitted to not enjoy d day, so make sure u do. Love u plentiful all d time.” – Feyiwonderful

“Happy Birthday Daddy Fresh. Your light will shine brighter and brighter and I pray continues to increase your on every side. Have a fantastic day!” – Sarah Chidebelu-Eze

“Happy Birthday Ike Amadi… These days shall be your worst cos ul keep shinning brighter n brighter for evermore… Thanks for being the freshest Daddy…” – Peace Odili

“Wishing daddy fresh all d good things of life. May d word of God neva depart from ur lips nd may d word be like a lamp unto ur feet nd a ligth unto thy path. Happy birthday sir.” – Efe

“Happy birthday daddy Fresh! You are blessed with the rare combination of wisdom and youth and what an impactful life lies ahead you. You carry light and life and I pray that God continually propels you and gives you strength to fulfill all He has inspired you to be and do. You will not be like Joshua…with much more land to take yet no strength. We all love you. God bless you.” – Eloho Eloxie

“Happy Birthday Ike Amadi. Glorious things are heard and spoken of you. When men say there is casting down, you and yours will say there is lifting up. The joy of the Lord is your strength as your life moves from one level of glory to another. Wish you many more years to come filled with love, joy, peace and prosperity. Remain Blessed.” – Matthew

“Wishing Ike Amadi aka daddy fresh our main man happy bornday long life, good health, more grace, Gods favour, more cash, wisdom, growth in the word of God.” – Ayuba Maigida

“Celebrating a great man in the lord’s army, HBD DADDY FRESH. all of life’s beauty,shall the adorn ur life with. Ur voice shall be heard far n beyond. Thank you for being an inspiration to our lives. GBU.” – Lindivah


LEGALLY BREWED @whytehabeeb

@ikeamadi happy birthday man. More power to your elbow

Big Daddy @MejabiTV

Happy Birthday!!! @ikeamadi Many Happy Days ahead.

Liz Ekaks @_ekaks

@ikeamadi changes lives, for the better.Follow him.
Always #fresh.Always #DoingSomething!
Happy B/Day #DaddyFresh

Liz Ekaks @_ekaks

I am so glad you are still giving to the Lord, more Grace @ikeamadi
Happy Birthday

Ifeomachukwu @Vintage_Lass

Happy birthday, @ikeamadi! 😀

Aimée Crowl @AimeeCrowl

Happy Birthday to my amazing @ikeamadi. I would be so bored and lonely if you had not been born. :)))


@TheLAfamily Happy birthday to General @ikeamadi. You have the scepter. You command the obedience of nations. We celebrate you!!!

FeyiKemi Ogunjimi@feyily

HBd fresh @ikeamadi advance in all. You’re deeply loved by us all in @TheLAfamily

Ayodeji Wonder@ogungbedeji

Happy birthday Pastor @ikeamadi more of God’s grace, glory, strength and honour. May His anointing never run dry in your life. Rejoice!

Princess Olamide ♥ @lammyalaska

God bless and keep you,His face shine on you and grant you peace. You’ve been a blessing. Stay lifted. Happy birthday to @ikeamadi

Ayodeji Wonder @ogungbedeji

@ikeamadi majo mayo ninu Olorun igbala re. Adura mi  fun o ni wipe, ojurere ati aanu Oluwa ki yio fi igbakan kan fi o sile. Amin!

‘Lana ‘Deji @LanaDeji

Happy Birthday to you @ikeamadi More grace as you run the race. Blessings!

Heo!  Today is my Daddy’s birthday. Happy Birthday sir @ikeamadi God bless you far beyond your imaginations. Love ya!

Eloho @Eloxie

Happy birthday to an amazing friend &brother @ikeamadi . It’s been such a blessing to know you. ALL things are yours!!! God bless you.

©Isaacola AA®​ @newnaija

@ikeamadi may you run and not be weary. May his favour encompass you as you celebrate your day. HBD


@ikeamadi It is your birthday today bro, God will establish more……Amen.

Ayanfeoluwa adeleke @ayanfeolluwa

@ikeamadi happy bday to d great man!!@TheLAfamily  we really appreciate you sir. Fruitful year ahead!

Ogunyemi Taiwo @wittygirl21

Happy birthday @ikeamadi you will flourish d grace of God upon your lifr will never run dry. God bless you.

Isis @Ms_Isioma

Happy Birthday to my darling, focused, spirit filled & inspiring I.K., @ikeamadi . God bless you beyond imagining. Amen. 🙂

tega otobo @tegaotobo

@ikeamadi happy birthday

Happy birthday to a great man @ikeamadi wishing you a life full of only the best things. Have a great day #fromAberdeenWithLove

Ireti Oluwa @Hopiana

A very happy birthday to my one and only @ikeamadi daady fresh. U av been a blessing to us. I LOVE U MUCH.

HisRoyalServant™ @kingdomturf

Happy birthday to my ever fresh bro, @ikeamadi . Keep Standing. Keep Shining. Keep Doing Something!!!

Ireti Oluwa @Hopiana

A very happy birthday to my one only @ikeamadi aka DADDY FRESH. You av been a blessing to us all. I LOVE YOU MUCH.

Omo Grandma ♥ @Aunty_HotStuff

To @ikeamadi A great Man!
Happy Birthday.  Many more years to come

Princess Simysola @princessimysola

@ikeamadi : Happy Birthday dear… “my almost birthday mate”… lool.. Wishing you an amazing new year filled with God’s Blessings!!!

Non-Conformist @OnyekachiUmendu

To an amazing brother @ikeamadi wishing you the best in life and may the good  Lord grant you many more years ahead! Happy Birthday Sir!

Joy Ehonwa @anafricandiva

Happy Birthday to the Freshest General everrrr @ikeamadi, may Jehovah sugar your tea and butter your bread on both sides!

AB @martoosa

Happy Birthday!!! @ikeamadi Many Happy decades ahead.

EB @eBunite

Happy Birthday @ikeamadi God bless.

The t-shirt guy @joeycrazype0ple

Happy birthday big homie @ikeamadi

Awele Abuah @AweleAbuah_AAA

Happy birthday Mr @ikeamadi Hearty cheers and many happy returns as you turn plus one today!

₹ @Bkay_code

Happy birthday @ikeamadi prosper and dominate. God’s blessings

7th March @0lukayode

Happy birthday to @ikeamadi #MyBirthdayMate You are a BIG star shining and all men can see your good works. Bless you.