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Grass or Palm Tree? (Psalm 92)


Reading psalm 92 this morning I paid attn to v7 – when the wicked spring up like grass, compared to v12-14

Often we get impatient with the pace of our growth. But we really should pay attn to references of nature.

Palm trees begin to germinate over the course of 3-4yrs. Their roots need to develop strength as they break the ground and then their growth is mere inches year and can take up to 15 years. However have you noticed the strength of the roots and trunks of palm trees? Or observed the benefits of its fruits to health and medicinal uses talk less of rubber etc.

Then the cedar tree, another slow growing tree who cannot produce its oils whilst young but in maturity. Some cedar trees die young because they can’t wait for the mature reaching process.
Again once a cedar tree matures it produces its oils and its wood has benefitted mankind for centuries.

Take full stock of what this means for us and our spiritual growth. Is it get rich quick you want? Is it give me all the blessings now me me me as v7 grass is rapid and seasonal. But can expend its use quickly hence why it is always cut down.

Or will you choose to wait on God to perfect you to full maturity  Heb 5:14

By Orode Faka.