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God Will Arise by @feyily. #devotional

‘You will arise and have mercy on Zion; For the time to favour her, Yes, the set time, has come.’ Psalm 102:13

It is comforting to know that in storms raging in your life, God will soon move through and calm it because your set time is at hand. Your wait upon the Lord for so long is not in vain, God is aware of what you are going through. He is behind the backdrop brining all into alignment for a perfect victory.

For those who are doubting if God will ever fulfil His promises upon their lives, I have good news for you, your time has come. There is little or nothing we can do when it is not yet our set time. We cannot help God.So in waiting upon the Lord for our time, we must not let frustration and worry set in. Whatever we may be experiencing, we must never doubt God because He honours His words and in Isaiah 40:8, ‘The grass withers, the flower fades but the word of our God stands forever.’

Remember the man at the pool of Bethesda, his set time came the day Jesus passed by. He received his miracle without having to enter the stirred water. God is set to break protocols because it too is your time. The woman with the issue of blood did not despair before her set time came, with her enormous faith she touched the hem of the Saviour’s garment and the flow ceased.

It is time to focus and be determined like this woman of great faith. Whatever God promised you, you are about to move into its fulfilment. And whilst you wait, praise God for all He is doing in your life.

Lord, help me to wait upon You until I receive your victory. May I not go weary from waiting upon you. Father, forgive me in every way I have tried to help you. Lord, I roll my battles over to you, fight for me, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Kemi Ogunjimi