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God turned a ROCK into a POOL of COOL WATER. Psalm 114:8

God turned a ROCK into a POOL of COOL WATER.

We all know how rocks look. There’s one pictured above in case we’ve forgotten.

See how dry it looks. Can you imagine water coming from such?

I personally cannot.

Sometimes visualizing these things helps us appreciate our Awesome God.

For God to bring water out of such is a testimony to the fact that He can DO ANYTHING. Even that which seems absurd and ridiculous.

We all have dreams and desires that seem impossible. We ask ourselves, where do I start from?

Start from God. He loves such dreams and desires because it gives Him an opportunity to show Himself.

He’s like – Relax Child, I made water come out of a rock for crying out loud. I can handle this.

Prayer: Lord. This situation looks impossible (Mention the situation to Him). I have looked at it from all angles and my human mind is yet to fathom a solution. I know there is nothing You cannot do. There is nothing too hard for You. Use this situation as an opportunity to show Yourself. Take care of it in Jesus name. Amen.

Olu Seun Ogunjemilusi.