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Final thoughts on #LAIsaiah by @thelafamily

A Friendly Hand

#LAIsaiah Final Thought

If there were a word to thematically describe recent global events, it would be humanity. Our sense of community and humanity have been called into question through events that scream at us to not only question who and what we stand for, but to also walk the talk. It is no longer possible to be a bystander and disassociate oneself.

The book of Isaiah places great emphasis on collectivism, on communal accountability for a nation’s state. It is not the sole responsibility of the leaders, spiritual, political, familial etc. Every individual has a part to play in the advancement of its community and principal foundations which are not grounded in God leads to disaster.

When we come into Christ, we are designed and set apart to proclaim the good news. There is one too many believers still unsure of how to receive or know what to do with the good news.

With the grace of Christ in your heart we must be able to heal, deliver and illuminate not just souls but the world we inhabit. Many are weighed down by guilt and are broken. Be a helping hand, speak to them about the love of God and tell them that the ‘present day of the Lord’ is at hand, all the time.

Deliver those who are poor: feed, clothe and train the poor, physically and spiritually. It is about discipleship and service.

Illuminate the eyes of the blind that they can see that God is with us and despite what they see heaven is at hand!

More than anything we need to heal our communities and that can only happen when individuals are healed from within. There is no other than the love of God to make this happen.

As we close the book of Isaiah let us pray for the strength and zeal to rebuild and restore our communities for God’s glory to manifest in all the earth.

Will you join us?

The LA Family

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