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Final thought for July: Reaping The Fruits Of Consecration #LAFruits


All, all to Jesus, I consecrate anew!
He’s my portion forever,
only His glory henceforth will I pursue:
He’s my portion forever

Here’s the rhymes of a song on consecrated life. To consecrate means to voluntarily come to Christ and lay everything you have at the feet of Jesus without hiding anything. When you make up your mind that you are going to walk in the way of the Lord, you will not bend to the right or the left when the days are hard, difficult, tough and when people won’t understand you.
There are people we know in the Bible that committed, consecrated, yielded and surrendered everything to the Lord. Anytime God says something unto them they always said yes and the yes is immediate. They have willing obedience; they have prompt obedience, quick obedience, and unquestionable obedience. They totally surrender to the Lord and give everything to Him. That is the picture of a consecrated life, and because they have given everything to the Lord, Almighty God gives everything back to them. This is the portion, privilege, power, provision and preservation of a consecrated life. It is what Jesus has done that helps us to know what we can do for Him.
I gave my life for thee, my precious blood I shed,
that thou mightest ransomed be, and quickened from the dead.
I gave my life for thee, what has thou given for me?
All that Jesus has done is a persuasive pattern of consecration. What he has done for us is a motivation for us to do everything for Him (2 Cor. 5:14-15).
If Jesus Christ has scarified everything for us. What is it that we can’t sacrifice to Him?

The above is an excerpt from “THE POWER OF A CONSECRATED LIFE” by Campus Pear Magazine.

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