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Final #LAFruits Message For 2015 – Be Optimistic! by @0rode

@thelafamily Dec 2015

Final #LAFruits Message For 2015 – Be Optimistic!

31st December 2015, we are alive and able to share the good news that the word of God is the same today as it was many yester-moons ago. We can talk about the truth of that joy we have found in Christ, or which founded us, that turned our darkest thoughts to praise, turned our doubting souls faithful, and our weak words into pillars of courage, which withstood storms.

We can look ahead to 2016 in confidence. Rejoicing in our Maker. Humbled by God’s mercy, knowing we are underserving. We are alive today on this last day of 2015 by the grace of God; let us give thanks!

It is an honour to be alive in this moment. So what will you do?
Think about what did not happen? Or look ahead and forward to new days in God’s presence:
To see the smile of God in your family and friends.
To see the peace of God in the face of a stranger you will bless.
To hear the wisdom of God in the testimony of the faithful.

And to be the love of Christ, as you love others as God loves you!

God Bless You!