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Faith to change the world by Bishop David Oyedepo

Only changed people can change the world.

Simon is a shaking reed, and Peter is a rock. Until you are changed, you cannot be a candidate for changing the world.

Only charged people can change the world. It is important to be charged.

Faith ought to have proofs, else it is fake.

From the days of John the baptist the kingdom of God suffers violence.

It takes some degree of spiritual violence to fulfill your glorious destiny.

1 Timothy 6:12

Fight the good fight of faith, so you can lay hold on the things that belong to you.

If you are not an ordained fighter, you cannot become a winner.

Violent faith is the faith that won’t let go, until the result is achieved.

By scripture, all children of God belong to the tribe of Judah, and Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah. Heb 2:!1

We are Christ’s blood brothers and so we belong to the same tribe. The tribe of lions.

That means every believer has a lion in him, and the lion is strongest among beasts and turneth not his back on any.

You belong to the lion tribe and you can’t be any less. But the lion in you has to be stirred to manifest. You must be drunk with some brands of spiritual wine to stir that nature into exploits.

Violent faith will always secure his attention.

They wanted to get in, no space, they tore the roof! It caught his attention.

Faith is a mystery of the kingdom that empowers us to gain mastery over situations
. 1 Tim 3:9

It is only in your spirit that the word of God can become fruitful, not in your head.

Because, when you are challenged it is what is in your spirit that will speak out and put you where you belong.

It is important to know how to generate this kind of violence.

Faith is an unstoppable force in the world of the spirit. And whatever cannot stop the way against God cannot stop the way against faith to accomplish.

Faith taps into the power of God.

Faith converts the word into power. and that empowerment results in our victory.

What is faith?

Faith is not a gentle stuff, the faith that works is a violent force. There must be an element of violence to find your way through.

Satan is not a gentle man so there is no way to go gentle with the devil.

We are talking about empowerment, not encouragement.

Faith is not religious logic, it is a spiritual weapon that can be handled. Ephesians 6:16 – take the shield of faith to quench the fiery darts of the devil

Faith is the master key to a world of unlimited possibilities.

Whatever could not hold Jesus should not hold you down.

Be angry enough to secure a change. We are living far below his expectations.

Every situation is reversible by faith.

If you get it in your mind, you will lose it. Take it into your heart to see the fruit of it.

Shares story of dead child raised to life.

Faith is being fully persuaded of the truth, the prevailing circumstances notwithstanding, until the truth triumphs. Room 4:17-21

With Faith Abraham got possession of his son. I don’t care what is being withheld from you; with violent faith, you will receive it.

Why you need violent faith

There are giants in every man’s promised land. Numbers 33. Num 14:6-10
You will have to cross the red sea

You need violent faith to dare the undareable. The enemy will always resist God’s plan for you.

1 Cor 16:9

The greater the doors the greater the opposition. Youi neeed a heart to tdare the oppostition in order to get to your possession.

Characteristics of violent faith.

1. Sp. resolute. Unbending, assertivce, unyielding, and never giving up on any revealed truth. If I perish I perish stands.

2. Makes you confidently restful. In the midst ot the storm tou are at peace.
Picture a lion in a forest; never roused by anything.

3. Violent posture. Even your look sends fear to the devil. You are not looking beggarly. Constantly charged.

4. Always on the offensive
what you don’t confront you cannot conquer.

5. It makes you supernaturally bold.
I decree the release of that spirit of boldness on your life.

What empowers the violence in us?
7 brands of spiritual wine. When you take them the violent man in you comes alive and that puts you supernaturally in position to conquer

37 min

1. The Holy spirit wine
2. The word wine
3. The prayer wine. e.g Hannah the more we pray in the spirit, the more violent our faith becomes.
4. The testimony wine. What drove David to confront Goliath was testimony. Don’t let go of your testimonies. Isaiah 8:16, 20
Engage the understanding of ur testimonies yesterday to confront your battles today.
Every testimony of Jesus is a pointer to your destiny. testimonies stir up something in us that it can be done.
5. Vision. A word of the Lord will set you on the move, on the run. Gal 1:!5
If God sends you somewhere, he goes with you.
If you don’t have a vision., you cannot be a change agent.

“God gave me a vision that has not lacked his backing. We have never borrowed anything from anyone and we are a multi billion organization.

God spoke to me, It’s time to get the aircraft, it was not in our budget. You need capacity to receive God’s word. In 6 months time, the aircraft landed. Debt free.”

When God speaks everything hears, animate and inanimate: elements inclusive, the sun, the moon, everything.

Develop your spiritual capacity to receive from the Lord. That’s the gateway to becoming a change agent.

When light comes from heaven, it puts you in command.
I have seen things happen by the hand of God. Connect with that fire, and keep moving.