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Ezekiel 3: Fast facts #LAFruits

God sent Ezekiel to his own people (v. 5).
God equipped him with His words (vv. 1-3).
God made him a watchman unto his people (v. 17).
Ezekiel was to warn people of their sin, whether or not they would listen (v. 11)
If Ezekiel did not warn the people, and a wicked man dies in his sin, God will require the man’s blood from Ezekiel’s hand (vv. 18 -20).
We must continue in the righteousness of Christ for us to make heaven (vv. 20-21)
God’s spirit was to accompany him (v. 24), and Ezekiel was only allowed to say what God said to him (v 27).

Believer, do these words apply to thee?
How will you apply it to your life?
Are you studying the book of Ezekiel?
Receive grace to study and be a good minister in Jesus name.