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Drink With Us.

Try it!
Fill up your refrigerator with maltina, fruit juice, milk, wine, and other assorted drinks, and leave out water. Now try to see if you’ll survive one week without asking for help.

I recently visited a friend’s house, and there happened to be cans of soft drinks, but without water. Not even packaged water, what we call, ‘pure water,’ in our clime. That night was not funny. I was thirsty, and I needed water. Fresh drinking water.

Water quenches thirst.
The living water quenches spiritual thirst.

No wonder Jesus said he who drinks of the living water will never thirst again.

Many of us have been spending our resources on the cokes of life, and other soft drinks of life, and we find out that we still thirst. It is because we have not drank of the Living Water.

God’s word is that living water. Drink of it today! Drink so you’ll never thirst. And when you are filled, let it flow like springs of living water to other thirsty members of our family. Let your siblings drink of the water that flows from your belly.

Join our LABS program as we drink of the living water.

You’ll never thirst in 2014!

Ike Amadi.
For @thelafamily