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Divine Intervention, My Best Way of Living by Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Benson Idahosa: Divine Intervention, My Best Way of Living

God is a very very very faithful God. Be committed to him.

If you are committed to anything with divided mind, you cannot last.

Everything God put in the Bible is for our own example, so that the day we believe, that can become our testimony.

Destiny. Learn to follow God’s will for your life.

Jesus never turns back from the sea because of lack of boats. He puts out his leg and walks on water.

Christianity is discovery for recovery. Whatever you discover gives you a recovery.

If Jesus is invited ahead of time in your affairs, whatever comes behind, he that is ahead will handle it for you.

Let us learn to leave things for our children. “This is the gown of 1940…this it the gown of 1954…etc. Don’t destroy things, even when you buy new things.”

Don’t commonize any thing you have. Common thing is enough for God to do the unusual.

God started life with miracle. He can do a miracle in your life. he is about to give everyone of you who believes a new miracle beginning. God will shade you from shame.

From now, every shame will be behind you. No shame will confront you, because of the power of God at work in your life.

In John 2, the drinks had finished, but Jesus was invited.

The governor asked, why did you bring sweet wine. God will take ever bitter thing from your life, and make your life sweet. God will give you new sweetness.

Your sweetness starts now!

Before you talk of business, or marriage, let Jesus be ahead, so that if anything happens behind, he’ll take care of it.

Don’t put down payment until you get Jesus involved. If Jesus is ahead, he can handle what is behind.

God will give you grace to continue, so that you will not have a shame.

No matter what you have passed through, God will not give you a repeat of defeat.

If anything tries to threaten you, say, God, be ahead of this situation.

Let not your heart be fearful.

“I cease to see with my eyes. I try to see with my mind.”


Notes by Ikechukwu Amadi